NORWALK - With today's release of the police report summary of the Sandy Hook shooting, parents are advised to be mindful when it comes to answering questions from children about the incident.

Experts say the report contains a deluge of details that children may be able to understand intellectually but not emotionally.

For that reason, Dr. Aaron Krasner of New Canaan-based Silver Hill Hospital advises parents to be mindful of what their children see and hear. He recommends they assure their children that the mass shooting was highly unusual and lots of steps are being taken to make sure schools are safe.

"Less is more and if they're talking about it on the schoolyard which inevitably they are, and they're talking about it in the school setting, then I think the job of the parent is to do some explaining and damage control," says Dr. Krasner.

He adds that every child is different and parents will have to gauge where their child is at mentally as they proceed with conversations about the shooting. He says it is a parent's responsibility to curtail his or her child's exposure to media coverage of the details of the tragedy.