BRIDGEPORT - A jury in a high-profile murder trial in Bridgeport said Monday that they are deadlocked, although the judge urged them to try again to reach a decision.

The shooting last June at the Trumbull Gardens apartment complex sent shockwaves through the city. It even helped propel Mayor Joe Ganim into office after running on a "tough on crime" platform. Nine people were shot that night, including Savonie McNeil, an innocent bystander who was killed.

Jamal Hamilton, who's also known as "Moo Moo," is the man on trial. Two people have testified that he was the gunman, including his co-defendant who admitted on the witness stand that he's hoping for leniency.

The entire case rests on just those witnesses, one of whom is also charged with murder in the shooting. The jury members spent hours rewatching both witness testimonies before saying they were deadlocked.

The jury will reconvene Tuesday morning to continue deliberations at the judge's behest.

Hamilton's family said Monday that the judge should have tossed the charges.