STAMFORD - Stamford officials are investigating both a fire and a death Monday at a home on Webb's Hill Road.

Police say 36-year-old Heisze Chan had to be pulled out of her smoke-filled bedroom on the second floor of the home after they initially responded to a medical call at the residence.

They say firefighters attempted CPR on Chan but that she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police say the circumstances around her death are still unclear.

Police say they obtained a search warrant to investigate the property and uncover any clues into Chan's death.

"It looks like there's some charcoal briquettes that were lit," says Lt. Diedrich Hohn. "She is an artist, so we're not sure if it was something to do with artistry or for some other reason, but the briquettes lit a good amount of fire in the room."

Police are treating this as a suspicious death investigation until they can rule out that a crime was not committed.