BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport musician whose guitar was damaged recently took on a national airline and won, thanks to social media.

Dave Schneider says he was trying to bring his 1965 Gibson ES-335, worth about $10,000, on his flight from Buffalo to Detroit. Schneider, part of the hockey-themed rock band The Zambonis, says Delta Air Lines told him to check the luggage. The musician says when he saw his guitar next, it was shredded and he had trouble getting the airline to reimburse him.

In response, Schneider uploaded a clip about the incident to YouTube and Facebook that garnered 300,000 hits in 30 hours.

Delta finally gave Schneider $8,000 to repair his guitar, as well as two free round-trip flights and several written apologies. Gibson also gave Schneider a 1963 prototype guitar as a gift.