NORWALK - One of the two suspects accused of robbing two people at a Norwalk ATM was arraigned in court Wednesday.

Kevin Banegas-Gomez, 18, and 24-year-old Rolando Garcia-Navarro allegedly robbed two people at the People's United Bank on Belden Avenue. The two suspects were allegedly armed during the robbery.

A patrol officer happened to be in the area at the time, and police say the victims flagged him down to report the robbery. Police conducted a late-night search through the woods near the Route 7 connector to locate the suspects. Police say their police dogs found the suspects and took them down.

Arresting officers say Banegas-Gomez fought the police dogs, punching one repeatedly, before he was taken into custody. He remained in the hospital Wednesday instead of going to his arraignment due to injuries he sustained during his arrest. Garcia-Navarro was arraigned on charges of robbery, assault and larceny.

Police are still searching for a third suspect. The wallet and cellphone taken in the robbery were both recovered.