NORWALK - Eleven people in Norwalk are looking for a new place to live after a fire tore through a multifamily home.

The fire occurred at 2 Platt St. shortly before 4 p.m.

"When crews got here, there was smoke showing from the third floor," says Deputy Chief Todd Smith. "Shortly after arrival, fire broke out the windows and it turned out to be a fully involved third-floor fire."

A resident told News 12 that he was playing video games on the first floor when his sister smelled smoke. When they got to the attic, they saw a blanket covered in flames, and quickly got the rest of the people out of the house.

Firefighters say they had to cut holes in the roof to try and vent some of the smoke.

They say the way the third floor was laid out made it difficult to get at the flames.

No residents or first responders were hurt as a result of the fire. Residents say the Red Cross was contacted.