STAMFORD - A 12-year-old boy drowned Friday after he slipped under the water near Cove Island Park.

The boy, identified as Rashad Gross, was swimming with a group of friends when he went under and never resurfaced. A neighbor who witnessed the scene called 911, bringing crews from Darien, Norwalk and Greenwich to the park.

There were no lifeguards or adults in the vicinity. Authorities say the children were struggling in the water because of the strong current.

Friends and family of Gross say he was a popular student who was looking forward to the freedom that his summer break would bring. He came to the beach to celebrate his final day of sixth grade.

Authorities had said that despite the boy being underwater for three hours, they were still optimistic about reviving him. Unfortunately, Gross died after being rushed to Stamford Hospital.

Friends and family are thanking the divers and rescue teams who did their best to try and save the boy.