BRIDGEPORT - Connecticut State Police say two men are behind bars following a chase on I-95 that ended in a two-car crash in Greenwich.

Police say the driver of a sedan on Wednesday afternoon led them on a high-speed chase from Darien to Exit 2 in Greenwich, where the vehicle slammed into a minivan, injuring several people.

Police say none of the injuries were considered life-threatening.

The driver of the sedan, 26-year-old Antonio Freeland, and his passenger, 41-year-old Michael Lundy, were arrested after police say they found 370 grams of cocaine in their possession.

Officials say the suspects "are likely interstate drug traffickers." They add that for every two out-of-state suspects who are caught on I-95 with a large amount of drugs, there are 200 who go unnoticed.

The judge set Freeland's bond at $350,000. Lundy's was set at $250,000. Both men are due back in court next month.