STAMFORD - A couple from East Haven was arraigned Thursday on charges of larceny and impersonation after Stamford police say they swindled two senior citizens out of thousands of dollars.

Officers say Tommy Miller and Bobbie White, both 44, befriended two women in their 80s and told them they could repair their homes and cars last June. 

Investigators say those repairs were substandard and dangerous.

Officials say the couple charged one woman $38,000 and the other $2,200. The victims lived on Ogden and Vine streets.

Police say the couple described themselves as gypsies and unlicensed home improvement contractors. 

An eight-month investigation led to the arrests. Investigators attributed the length of the investigation to the fact that the couple followed a transient lifestyle.

Sgt. Peter Dispagna called them "nomads" who moved frequently and never had driver’s licenses.

One of the victims told News 12 that she offered the suspects a job because she felt bad for them when they initially approached her. They reportedly said they needed money for a sick relative.