NORWALK - Two local mothers are working to draw attention to food allergies as part of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

The women turned a personal struggle into a national fight. Kim Hall and Elise Bates launched a nonprofit organization one year ago called End Allergies Together or EAT.

Hall's 12-year-old daughter. Lindsey, and Bates’ 11-year-old daughter, Campbell, both have severe food allergies.

The moms hope a new campaign called "DoYour17" will get others thinking about it as well. The campaign asks people to do anything they love 17 times and encourage others to follow suit in an effort raise awareness for the 17 million Americans who have food allergies.

Bates and Hall say 100 percent of the money raised by EAT goes directly to research to better treat and cure a growing problem.