WESTPORT - A manhunt for two suspects wanted in connection with an attempted larceny case is over, Westport police say.

Westport police and state police swarmed the area of Hillandale Road with dogs for two hours earlier this morning.

Officials say the search started when they received a call from a bank that two individuals, a male and a female, were attempting to cash a check from a bank that had been closed out. The check had an alert on it, they say.

Police say they found the two suspects in a car on Post Road East. There, they took 22-year-old Candice Zulawski, of West Haven, into custody. Her alleged accomplice got away until police found him near a wooded area on Hillandale Road.

Police have identified Zulawski's accomplice as 28-year-old Norwalk resident Eric Christian. Westport police say they are still processing the evidence. They say at least one of the two suspects apprehended today is a person of interest in another investigation.