BRIDGEPORT - Two men face several charges after a major drug bust in Bridgeport. Police arrested Sean Morrissey and Lawrence Caple on Wednesday. Police say the drug investigation began at a house on Wheeler Avenue. There, they intercepted a delivery of 35 pounds of high-grade marijuana carefully packaged for sale and ready for distribution across the region. They say Morrissey paid Caple to receive the drugs at his home on Wednesday by U.S. Mail. Caple immediately told police that the package was not intended for himself, and that the owner of the package was coming to pick it up. Morrissey showed up not too long after. Police say that this investigation led to the confiscation of more than just drugs. They also say they found guns, including a Russian-made assault rifle designed for battlefield combat.Residents worry that drug dealing has turned their neighborhood into a war zone. Neighbor Yolande Gordon says she had no idea there was drug dealing taking place so close to home. She told News 12 Connecticut, "You always tell your kids to stay away from drugs, guns, and how dangerous it is, but you never would think it would be right in your back door."Police say it took weeks of very patient undercover work to finally get Morrissey and Caple in custody.