MILFORD - It was a rough day at school for two Milford teens Wednesday, one of which was taken out in handcuffs.

Officers say a 15-year-old at Jonathan Law High School disrupted a classroom when he started yelling obscenities at his teacher. The student then left the classroom and called the school to tell them he had gone home for the day.

Shortly after this incident settled down, another brewed in a different classroom. Officials say a 15-year-old pushed a teacher several times and hid in the bathroom. He was still in the bathroom when officers found him and tried to subdue him. Police say the student began fighting with the officers and had to be Tasered.

?[The police] took him and put him in handcuffs and they walked away,? says student Amanda Viscount.

The teen is back with his foster family and is facing several assault charges. The teen in the first incident is being charged with breach of peace.