NORWALK - Two new books by the National Geographic Society honor a famed dog from Connecticut for his heroism during World War I. 

The books tell the story of Sergeant Stubby, a war dog highly decorated for his bravery in France.

Stubby was born in Connecticut and came into the life of J. Robert Conroy while he was at a national training camp on the campus of Yale University.

When Conroy was deployed overseas, he and Stubby were inseparable.

During the war, Stubby helped capture a German soldier and helped rescue wounded soldiers on the battlefront.

After Stubby’s death, Conroy was committed to having him recognized for his heroism. A taxidermist at the Smithsonian was commissioned to mount the remains of Stubby. He is on display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. A portrait of Stubby hangs in the West Haven Veterans Museum.