STRATFORD - A driver was arrested after a car accident in Stratford injured three people, including two police officers.

Stratford police say the accident occurred near Stagg Street.

Investigators say a police car and a blue vehicle were traveling southbound on Surf Avenue, while a dump truck was traveling northbound. The blue vehicle allegedly caused the police cruiser to crash into the truck.

They say the truck flipped on its side, spilling debris into the street. They say the police car's airbags deployed following impact.

Authorities say the driver attempted to run after the crash, but was apprehended and arrested. The driver's identity has not yet been released.

Police say they had received several calls about the blue car driving erratically earlier in the morning, and they had been on the lookout for it.

Authorities say all three people were transported to the hospital following the accident, but are now recovering at home.

Investigators closed Surf Avenue for over five hours. The road reopened around 4:45 p.m.