BRIDGEPORT - A Norwalk man driving the wrong way in Bridgeport Friday night caused an accident that sent two police officers to the hospital.

Police say 55-year-old James Gebhardt has been charged with several counts including reckless driving.

State troopers say they were chasing the driver for miles on I-95 around 10:30 p.m. They say the chase ended near exit 29.

Officials say a state police officer and a Bridgeport police officer drove up alongside the man and got him to pull over, but in the process the driver's vehicle struck both police vehicles.

They say the Bridgeport police officer was sent to Bridgeport Hospital, where he was treated and released for his injuries.

Investigators say the state police officer was taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center, but the extent of his injuries is not yet known.

Police say the officers were very lucky they were not more seriously hurt, because a chase like this one could easily have ended tragically.