RIDGEFIELD - Ridgefield police say two teen boys threatened to kill a Ridgefield elementary school teacher Thursday.

The two 13-year-old boys allegedly placed a call to the Ridgebury Elementary School teacher at home and said they were going to shoot her. The teacher, who is not being identified, stayed home the rest of the week.

Other teachers at Ridgebury say they are frustrated about the recent rash of threats made by young people against teachers across the country and are sad to add their school district to the list.

?It's so upsetting,? Ridgefield teacher Marguerite Reynolds said. ?You drag yourself in here half the time. Teachers are sick all the time being with kids. You feel important, so you drag yourself in and now there's added threats to a profession that really shouldn't be threatened.?

The teens, charged with making threats, are scheduled to appear in Danbury Juvenile Court Monday. The school district says both could also face disciplinary action at school.