BRIDGEPORT - Two Bridgeport men were arrested and charged Wednesday with leading police officers on a chase and attacking one of them after holding up a liquor store.

Authorities say the suspects, 32-year-old Danny Teel and 33-year-old Alon Scott, robbed the Campus Package store on Park Avenue at gunpoint, forcing two employees into a beer cooler.

Kulwand Lamba, the owner of the store, says one of the suspects threatened him with a gun while the other took hundreds of dollars from the register and broke the store's security camera.

Police say Teel and Scott then fled the scene, and officers chased them along Atlantic Street and into an apartment complex in Park City. According to police, the suspects got into an altercation with officers. Authorities say Bridgeport Police Officer Mark Blackwell was injured during the incident.

"Officer Blackwell took pursuit, was able to catch up with the individuals, and a dispute ensued, where Officer Blackwell sustained minor injuries," says Detective Keith Bryant, of the Bridgeport Police Department.

Blackwell was taken to the hospital and treated for minor bruises and lower back pain.