STRATFORD - Fire officials and state inspectors are scrutinizing a carnival in Stratford today after two children were left stranded on a Ferris wheel.

It happened on Barnum Avenue Wednesday. 

Firefighters say a light fixture came loose, fell and became stuck between two cars. They say the jam caused two empty cars to overturn. 

Two children in another car became stranded halfway up the ride. The operator shut it down, and firefighters used a ladder truck to get the kids to safety.

No one was hurt in the incident, and officials say the children were not in any danger because their car was not affected by the fallen equipment. Officials say the ride will remain out of service until it is repaired and passes inspection.

State police from the Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit say all carnivals go through a full safety inspection before they are licensed to operate. They say such incidents are rare.

Detective Richard Gregory says in his 10 years on the job, he has not seen any other incidents with this particular carnival company, the Coleman Brothers Shows.

The carnival company, which has been in business for more than 100 years, declined to comment on camera.