NORWALK - Two men working on the Five Mile River in the Rowayton section of Norwalk Wednesday made an unexpected discovery.

Tony Vavalla and Larry Liesner were re-planking the docks at The Boatworks, Inc. when they found a wedding ring below the planks. They say the ring had fallen through the cracks in the docks. The two don?t believe the gold wedding band was sitting there too long.

?There wasn?t a lot of dirt around it and it wasn?t tarnished,? Liesner says. ?And no mud, so it may be recently dropped.?

Based on the size, the men believe it is a woman?s ring. They say the only clue to who it belongs to is the date engraved inside: 5-3-58.

Anyone with information about who the wedding band belongs to should contact:The Boatworks, Inc. 95 Rowayton Ave. in Norwalk, CT 06853(203) 866-9295