STRATFORD - More than 20 firefighters were called to battle a house fire in Stratford this morning, helping a father and son escape unharmed.

The fire broke out on Soundview Avenue shortly before 10 a.m. Fire officials said the fire started in the living room, spread to the kitchen and made its way upstairs. Members of the Bowers family were asleep, police say, until Gerald Bowers woke up when he smelled smoke. He said he immediately tried to evacuate his father.

No injuries were reported, but one family member's hair was singed from the heat of the flames. Family members also said they had three cats and a dog which died in the fire.

Firefighters are still investigating the fire, but said they believe a short circuit from an old television might have sparked the fire.

The father and son said they plan on staying with friends until they find something more permanent.