DARIEN - Darien police say a second person has come forward claiming they received a threatening letter filled with a suspicious powder over the weekend.

Police say the latest report came from a resident on Rainbow Circle. The resident claims to have received the letter on Sunday, but then threw it out thinking it was a prank.

However, after hearing of a similar incident yesterday on South Trail, the person decided to contact police.

The resident, Fred Bisset, said he was kept out of his home for six hours while police officers and FBI agents gathered evidence and analyzed his mailbox.

Bisset says there was a handwritten note with the powder, saying that three previous purchases were not yet paid for and if money was not left at the "drop spot," "Paul and the boys" would be showing up at the address.

Authorities say this is not an anthrax threat, and the investigation has been handed over to the FBI.

Authorities say the letter made no sense to the victim, so there is a possibility that the entire thing could be a hoax.

Darien police say there is no reason to believe the two incidents are connected at this point.