RIDGEFIELD - Ridgefield is mourning the deaths of three teens originally from the area who died in two separate incidents.

Two Colgate University freshmen were killed in a plane crash in upstate New York on Sunday. Colgate officials say that Cathryn "Carey" Depuy, a Ridgefield High School graduate, and Ryan Adams, a graduate of St. Luke's in New Canaan, died Sunday afternoon just after takeoff.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

On Friday, a Ridgefield High School graduate died in a car crash in Columbia. Police say 19-year-old Ryan Meegan, who was a UConn sophomore, was among two people killed in the crash on Route 66.

"The high school is greatly saddened by the losses experienced by the Ridgefield community this weekend," Ridgefield High School's principal said in a statement. "The graduates were vibrant, active members of the school when they attended, and touched so many students and staff members' lives,"

"It's a pain that triggers each person inside these school walls, but they lean on each other for support," said St. Luke's headmaster.

Both high schools confirmed they are offering grief counseling to their students and faculties