GREENWICH - Three Greenwich police officers are recovering Monday after being injured in a riot.Police say the riot occurred early Saturday at the Wilbur Peck Court housing complex on Davis Avenue and later moved to the Greenwich police station. According to police, the crowd grew to as many as 50 people that were acting aggressively and yelling at officers.

They say 21-year-old Jorge Cardenas-Rey lunged at an officer, setting off much of the fighting. A witness says he tried to take the cop?s baton, which ended up in a physical altercation.

Authorities say the injured officers had minor cuts and bruises from being punched and from broken glass when a man punched out a patrol car's window. Police say a 17-year-old also tried to hit an officer in the head with a rock.Five people were arrested and charged with inciting a riot and breach of peace.Police say they will look into whether those arrested may be evicted from the housing complex.