DARIEN - Darien police are warning businesses to take extra precautions when accepting cash following the arrest of four people in a suspected counterfeiting ring.

Police say they were arrested Friday night after they were caught passing counterfeit money.

Two men, Leon Delima and Chris Van Putten, along with two women, Marleen Sosa and Octavia Adams, allegedly used the fake $100 bills to buy gift cards at the Walgreens store in the Noroton Heights neighborhood of the town.

The manager says he became suspicious when he noticed two matching serial numbers on two $100 bills that had just been passed.

Police say he ran out of the store and was able to get a partial license plate number on a car that the suspects were in.

Officials were able to track down the car just as it was getting onto I-95. Police say inside the vehicle they found 38 counterfeit $100 bills that had been made by bleaching $5 bills.