NORWALK - In a complicated four-way swap, two women, one from Greenwich and the other from White Plains, N.Y., donated a kidney to a stranger so that one of their loved ones could receive a new kidney.

Michael Mullen, from Greenwich, and Vincent Tilson, from Yonkers, both were in need of a kidney, but their loved ones weren't a close enough match for a transplant.

Doctors, however, were able to match their relatives to each other, and set up a four-way swap.

Tilson's sister, Theresa, donated her kidney to Mullen and Mullen's wife, Tracy, donated her kidney to Tilson.

"It's a pretty amazing thing that they're able to match people and swap kidneys," says Tracy Mullen.

While the transplants took place on Dec. 13, the two families were able to finally meet last Thursday. "I really don't think about - oh I've got someone else's kidney. I think - oh I have a new life," says Michael Mullen.