BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport resident tells News 12 she is horrified to be facing eviction at the age of 80 because she has no money saved and has nowhere to go.

Sabina Baldino says she is the victim of predatory lending practices. She has lived in her house for more than half her life. Her husband died there in 2004 and her dogs are buried in the back yard.

“I'm sitting here watching TV and the next thing I know I'm being kicked out of my house. What did I do?” Baldino says.  Baldino says when she stopped working at the age of 75, her monthly Social Security check was not enough to live on, so she took out a reverse mortgage.

The idea of reverse mortgage is for a lender to take ownership of a house, but to allow the former owner to live there until that person dies.

But Phillips say Baldino's lender did not act in good faith, and decided to evict her when she couldn't come up an $18,000 fee they had hidden in the fine print.

Court records show she will be evicted on Dec. 10.

Baldino’s friend, Diahann Phillips, says she has been acting as an advocate for her.

“I am so angry by the fact that there are predatory lenders out there that could pray on little old ladies,” Phillps says. saved and has nowhere to go.