BRIDGEPORT - An 82-year-old Bridgeport woman who was struck by a car last spring spoke on camera for the very first time Friday.

The video, obtained exclusively by News 12 Connecticut, captured Juana Hostos being struck by a car, leaving her with critical injuries. The driver stepped out of the car, looked at the woman and then drove off.

Hostos' attorney, John Luckhart, says that the police have identified the man who struck her. Hostos, who says she will never walk again without assistance, is calling for the arrest of the driver so she can move on with her life.

Hostos says that when she saw the surveillance footage of her being hit, she was overcome with a flood of emotions. She says there has been a change in her every day life since the accident; she now needs to use a walker to get around and suffers from memory loss and constant headaches.

Luckart says the driver lives in Massachusetts, which may account for the delay of tracking him down. News 12 Connecticut has also confirmed that the person driving the vehicle at the time was not the car owner, but the owner's boyfriend.