NEW CANAAN - As the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 nears, two New Canaan firefighters who risked their lives and rushed to Ground Zero that day look back on how the terror attacks have affected them.

Firefighters Mike Socci and John Raidt say it was never a question of whether they should go down to Ground Zero that day.

Their journey started when they hitched a helicopter ride to Lower Manhattan with a group of doctors from southwestern Connecticut. They say they set up triage for survivors, but there weren't many.

Up to their knees in dust and debris, Raidt and Socci say they also helped with search and rescue and returned several more times to help.

Now, they say, it's emotionally difficult to visit Ground Zero where a new Freedom Tower is being built from what was once rubble.

The New Canaan Fire Department recently received a steel beam from the World Trade Center. It is being temporarily held there until it can become a part of New Canaan?s Sept. 11 memorial.

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