NEWTOWN - State officials today released the recordings of the 911 calls made from inside Sandy Hook Elementary School during the shooting last year.

On at least two of the seven tapes released, Sandy Hook's acting head custodian Rick Thorne can be heard on the line with dispatchers, followed by state police later on.

A state prosecutor's report released last week said it took police four minutes to arrive from when the first call came in to dispatchers, and six minutes to enter the building after they arrived.

Redding Police Chief Doug Fuchs, who lives in Sandy Hook and was a first responder on the day of the shooting, says nothing good can come from the release of these tapes.

However, Freedom of Information expert James Smith, who is on the Sandy Hook task force, says the public would be at a disservice if they did not have the chance to hear the tapes.

The release comes a little more than a week before the one-year anniversary of the fatal shooting.