BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police have made an arrest in a murder from May 2011.

Police arrested Abimael Ramos, 30, on Thursday in the murder of his late girlfriend, Luz Morales. Authorities say the murder took place in the apartment the couple shared at 761 Wood Ave.

Officers say Ramos claimed she was the victim of a home invasion. They say his story just didn't check out, and that when they searched his house, they found enough evidence to put him behind bars on unrelated drug charges while they investigated the murder.

Police say Lt. Chris LeMaine began reviewing the case back in March. By re-interviewing witnesses, LeMaine was able to get an arrest warrant.

Ramos' mother, Judith Perez, says the cause has been built on circumstantial evidence and that she will never believe her son committed the murder.

Mayor Bill Finch issued a statement saying he hopes "this cold case arrest will bring a measure of peace to the victim's family."

Ramos' bond has been set at $500,000. He is scheduled to be arraigned next week.