NORWALK - A growing number of seniors in southwestern Connecticut are opting to "age in place," according to Accessible Home Living specialists.

Instead of moving into assisted-living facilities, they are staying in their homes or moving in with their adult children.

Wilton-based Accessible Home Living uses certified aging in place specialists, architects and other professionals to create a separate and comfortable living area for the elderly or impaired.

In eight weeks, the company recently built a two-bedroom, two-bath addition to a Wilton home with a deck and wheelchair lift. The space has a private entrance and an entrance to the main house.

“My father felt strongly that, while he wanted to live with us, he also wanted his independence,” said Susan Steitz, of Wilton.

Alison Jacobson, of Accessible Home Living, says that home additions have ranged from $60,000 to $200,000.