REDDING - One person was killed and another injured during a crash early Sunday morning in Redding.

Police are investigating what caused the accident on the Black Rock Turnpike, or Route 58, which was shut down after two vehicles crashed in front of Joel Barlow High School.

Police say the driver of a silver sport utility vehicle was heading north on Route 58. After leaving the roadway, police say the driver plowed through a patch of tall grass and hit a rock, which caused the SUV to flip over and land about 50 feet to 60 feet away. The SUV was then hit by a pickup truck.

Redding police say the female driver of the SUV was killed in the crash. The driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital for observation.

Redding resident Greg Kochman says he heard the impact of the accident, but first thought it was his child waking up and falling out of the crib.

?We ran upstairs to see if he was alright,? Kochman says. ?He was fine and we looked out the window and we saw the car overturned with another car.?