BRIDGEPORT - The man accused of killing his Easton parents appeared in court Tuesday to answer to murder charges.

Kyle Navin, 27, was brought to Superior Court in Bridgeport. He is accused of killing Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, who went missing in August. Their remains were found in Weston last week.

Navin's 30-page arrest warrant paints a damaging picture, including that he allegedly had a $360-a-day heroin habit.

Police say they found bullet holes in Navin's truck, and blood matching both his parents' in his truck and the basement of his home. Navin's arrest record say that his parents were shot.

Investigators say text messages included in the warrant seem to indicate that Navin and his girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, had been planning the murder together. They were allegedly motivated by the Navins' apparent intention to cut their son out of their will, investigators say.

Eugene Riccio, Navin's attorney, sat down exclusively with News 12 Tuesday after he faced a judge for the first time. He is urging people not to rush to judgment until they have all the facts and circumstances of the case, which has garnered international attention.

"Affidavits in support of arrest warrants are accusatory documents; they show one aspect of any situation -- any criminal prosecution," says Riccio. "So it's important to keep that in mind, that there may be other aspects of the situation that are not contained in the affidavit in support of the arrest warrant."

Valiante's lawyer also insisted she played no role in the killings, and has been cooperating with police since the couple went missing in August.

After she appeared in court Monday, the judge kept Valiente's bail at $2 million and continued the case until Nov. 24.

Navin's bail remains at $2.5 million.

Both Navin and Valiante will be back in court later this month.