NORWALK - A controversial New York Post cartoon is stirring up quite a response among activists in southwestern Connecticut.

The cartoon shows a bullet-ridden chimp, along with the quote, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus plan." The president of the NAACP's Stamford chapter, Jack Bryant, says that the cartoon is directed at President Obama. Bryant says that it echoes racism with black individuals being referred to as monkeys, and the President being an African-American.

"To me it looks like you're shooting the President of the United States," Bryant says. "That's something I think the Secret Service should really look into, the mindset of the person who actually drew this picture."

While the Post says that the cartoon was simply meant to mock President Obama's stimulus plan, others feel that it was a racist jab.

Bryant is calling for a boycott of the New York Post. He says that hitting the Post where it hurts, in the wallet, will prove a point.

"The boycott will continue until we get some kind of satisfaction from the Post, the cartoonist and even Mr. Murdock," Bryant says.