NORWALK - An advocacy group in Norwalk announced today that it is supporting two additional families it feels are being unfairly prosecuted over the enrollment of children in area schools.

The Connecticut Parents Union is now trying to help Ana Wade, who says her two children attended Chapel Street School while they were living with their grandmotherin Stratford. Wade lives in Milford, and Stratford district leaders say her kids had to go to school there instead.

An attorney for Wade and her mother, Marie Menard, say the women want lawmakers to pass legislation protecting parents facing similar accusations from criminal prosecution.

Stratford School District Superintendent Irene Cornish says she supports a crackdown on parents who place students in the wrong district. "When you have children who are here illegally, taxpayers are paying for that," she said.

The group is also supporting Ana Marquez, who it says was kicked out of public housing for allegedly allowing Tanya McDowell to falsely use her address. The union is already supporting McDowell, who is accused of using a public housing address in Norwalk to enroll her 5-year-old son in kindergarten.

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