BRIDGEPORT - With elected officials citing a rise of teen suicide in southwestern Connecticut, a local teenager had a warning for his fellow teens.

The teen, only named David to help hide his identity, says he tried 10 days ago to kill himself because he became depressed and angry that he's growing up without a father.

"I wished I could leave and never come back," David says.His mother says he ended up in the hospital in serious condition after he tried to overdose on prescription medication.

But David and his mother aren't alone in going through this. Studies show that after years of decline, teen suicide is on the rise in the region.

"The worst thing is for those young people not to have outlets for people to talk to," says state Rep. Chris Caruso (D-Bridgeport).David warns other teens from putting themselves through the same thing David did 10 days ago."Their parents might get upset, very upset, because they lost a family member," he says.