HARTFORD - (AP) - Connecticut Attorney General and U.S.Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal is defending himself against areport he misstated his military service in Vietnam.

Blumenthal's campaign called a New York Times report whichincludes video of him at a 2008 event saying he had served "inVietnam" an "outrageous distortion" on his record.

Blumenthal says he's always tried to make it clear his MarineReserve service never took him overseas. The Times reported he gotfive deferments to avoid going to war between 1965 and 1970.

Blumenthal told the Times he had misspoken at the 2008 event inNorfolk in which he said he served in Vietnam.

In a televised March debate, Blumenthal stated clearly he hadnot served in Vietnam.

Blumenthal's campaign said he planned an event Tuesday withveterans showing their support for him.