WESTPORT - Home insurance experts say not having the right home insurance can be very costly during hurricane season.

Westport resident Ed Muller remembers when a 200-foot tree came crashing down on his home during Superstorm Sandy.

"I mean, we lost pretty much two thirds of the house," he tells News 12.

With a repair price tag nearing $400,000, Muller reached out to his local insurance company for support. He says his local insurance agency, Sachs Walsh, was able to help him.

"A lot of people don't realize flood coverage is not included in their home insurance. You have to buy a separate flood policy through FEMA or another flood insurance," said David Coyle, chief financial officer at Sachs Walsh.

Insurance agents say the most common problem they see is homeowners not having flood insurance. They suggest visiting FEMA's website for more information.