BRIDGEPORT - (AP) - Police say they caught a bumbling bankrobber who crashed his getaway car and fled by bus and taxi, onlyto make it home and find his roommate had died.

Authorities found nearly $4,000 stolen from a Darien bank afterthe suspect called 911 to report an apparent suicide.

Fifty-nine-year-old David Maksimik was brought before a federalmagistrate in Bridgeport Tuesday.

Police say Maksimik held up a bank in Darien on Jan. 29, makingoff with nearly $4,000 in cash.

Police say Maksimik rear-ended another car fleeing the robbery,and didn't make it home until he got rides on a bus, a taxi andwith his sister.

Maksimik found his 53-year-old roommate dead and called 911.Police responding to the suicide say they found the bank moneyinside a binocular bag on Maksimik's bed.