STAMFORD - Stamford police say they have arrested the ringleader involved in a string of crimes in the Veterans Park area.

They say Alexandra Carlson, 25, can be seen on surveillance video encouraging teenagers to rob an 18-year old-woman.

The state's attorney says Carlson and the teens robbed the woman because Carlson believed the victim helped police in the investigation of a murder in front of the Bedford Street McDonald’s on March 11.

Police say Carlson is also facing charges for harassing the family of the murdered man at a news conference earlier this month.

Lt. Diedrich Hohn says they are determining what her role was in a stabbing back in February, and investigating if she is leading a prostitution ring downtown.

Carlson pleaded not guilty to robbery and disorderly conduct charges on Monday. She will return to court on April 2.

Hohn says police will continue to keep extra patrols in the Veterans Park area.