BRIDGEPORT - The investigation of an Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia comes almost two years to the day after a train left the tracks in Bridgeport.

More than 70 were injured in the 2013 Metro-North derailment, but everyone on board survived. Experts from Bridgeport Hospital's trauma center and the Fairfield Fire Department say they learned a few lessons in the event's aftermath.

Emergency crews said that they train for this kind of disaster all the time, but they'll also tell you that they couldn't have imagined how dangerous and chaotic the scene would be.

Fairfield Fire Department Assistant Chief Scott Bisson said that he remembers an incredibly dangerous scene.

"You have high-powered electrical lines -- some still in the air, some hanging down and touching on the tracks," he said. "There was a lot of potential for more people to get hurt."

Paul Possenti was running the emergency room at Bridgeport Hospital.

"A lot of times, we didn't get a lot of information.  At first, we were told that, you know, maybe three or four patients were coming, and then we found that it was over 200 patients."

Since then, firefighters say they've trained extensively with Metro-North. As for Amtrak, officials say crews do have a disaster plan, but they have never done any specific training with local fire departments.