NORWALK - A Norwalk animal activist was arrested today after allegedly trying to break into a pet shop to free the dogs inside.

Police say Anouk Govil, 23, used a rock to try and break into Puppies of Westport in Norwalk at around 3 a.m. Police found her hiding outside Y and S Laundromat, where they arrested her on a charge of criminal mischief. Govil allegedly told police she "wanted to set the puppies free."

Govil's mother Monique tells News 12 Connecticut her daughter, a University of Connecticut student, is an animal rights activist who was protesting the pet store.

"She's concerned about where the puppies are coming from and how the puppies are treated while at the facility," Monique says. Monty Kaufman, who owns Puppies of Westport, says the dogs are well cared for and seen by a vet once a week.

Govil is out on $500 bond and is due back in court on Jan. 21.