FAIRFIELD - A Bridgeport family claims that the dog state police rescued on I-95 Monday morning is theirs.

The dog is currently being held at the Fairfield Animal Shelter, and the family says they are having problems getting him back. 

Lauretta Jackson says the dog is hers and claims to have the pictures to prove it.

"Rocky was so friendly. I'm telling you, the whole neighborhood knew about my dog, he will follow anybody that goes past the house," says Jackson.

Animal control officers say Jackson is one of multiple people who claim to own the dog. They say no one has produced any proof or paperwork such as veterinary records.

Jackson says she lost Rocky's paperwork and without that officers say they will not be able to release the pet.

Officers say they might have to work with the police department to find out who the owner is. 

If they do connect with the owners, officers say they could possibly have to pay a fine of up to $400 for failing to license the dog.