WILTON - The Wilton woman who was savagely mauled by her pet pit bull more than eight months ago spoke to News 12 about her ordeal.

Anne Arkins-Murray says she was taking the family dog out for a walk outside her Wilton home in November when the dog attacked her, dragging her down the front steps. She was able to take cover under a car.

During the struggle, Arkins-Murray’s left arm was bitten off above the elbow and her right hand was torn off.

She was saved by a passerby who called 911. Now, at the age of 66, Arkins-Murray is staying at Aurora Senior Living in Norwalk hoping someday to be on her own.

“I have to help myself, which is a process for me to go through personally, and be accepting of the injury, the prosthetic...And to be open and receptive to rehabilitation,” she told News 12.

Arkins-Murray says Social Security would only pay for a basic prosthetic.