DANBURY - University officials are vowing to take action after finding a hate symbol on the campus of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury over the weekend.

The university posted crime alerts and sent an e-mail to students after someone apparently etched a swastika into the concrete of one of the stairwells of a parking garage.

WestConn officials say the swastika was the size of a man's hand and was removed shortly after it was discovered yesterday. The University Relations Director Paul Steinmetz has vowed to punish the culprit. ?No matter what it turns out to be, no matter what the intent was, it's not something we tolerate on campus and something we take action against,? he said.

Last month, a noose was found hanging above the stage at the Yves Concert Park. A year and a half ago, two swastikas were also found on the university's main campus.