BRIDGEPORT - Days after the fifth anniversary of the conflict in Iraq, anti-war protestors took their message personally to U.S. Rep. Chris Shays.

Protestors congregated outside Shay's home for a rally decrying the war. The group says they targeted Shays for his unwavering support of the president and the war. They also say they're holding Sen. Joe Lieberman accountable for his wartime position.

The rally's leader says the war has destroyed the nation's economy and wasted billions of Connecticut tax payers' money.

"Our economy is in shambles because of this war," says John Murphy. "Before the war started, the price of a barrel of oil was in the $30-range. It's now over $110. It's more than tripled."

The group delivered a letter to Shays as part of the rally, but the congressman's wife informed the protestors that he is currently overseas visiting the Middle East. The trip is the Shays' twentieth trip to the region.

Following the rally, the protestors canvassed the area trying to garner support for the cause.