STAMFORD - Stamford police are searching for a group of people responsible for killing a man attacked outside a McDonald's restaurant.

The incident, which marks the first homicide of 2015 in Stamford, occurred on Bedford Street Wednesday night.

Officers say Antonio Muralles, 52, was stabbed several times in the assault.

Police believe between three and five Hispanic males and possibly one female were involved in the attack. The suspects allegedly beat Muralles with a stick before inflicting a mortal wound.

Officials say that the Guatemalan native was rushed to the hospital, where he died at around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Police say the area was busy at the time, and they are looking for witnesses to come forward. They believe the incident was a random act of violence.

Authorities combed the area around Bedford and Broad streets Thursday, looking for clues or evidence that might help them find the people who committed this crime.

Stamford Police Department Lt. Diedrich Hohn admits there has recently been an increase in crime. He says a man was also stabbed in Veterans Park on Feb. 24.