GREENWICH - Aquarion Water Company and Greenwich town officials are asking residents to reduce water consumption due to a dry spell that has hit the region.

Town officials say the water level is unusually low.

"It's down probably 10 to 15 feet from where we often see it," says Denise Savageau, conservation director.

The current water level is the lowest experts have seen in the last four years. Decreasing water levels is a pattern they have noticed over the past decade. They say it is a result of the lack of rain.

"People have to understand and know that there is a problem," says First Selectman Peter Tesei.

A spokesperson for Aquarion added that people are using more water this time of year than they were at the same period last year.

People are using 9 million gallons more per day. Town officials believe property redevelopment is one reason why that number is so high.

Experts say ways to conserve water include taking quicker showers, postponing car washes and watering lawns less often.

They say any small step can help to mitigate the problem.