NORWALK - A Norwalk man arrested in Russia over a Greenpeace protest has been granted bail.

Arctic 30 member Peter Willcox is among 30 people being held in Russia for taking part in a Greenpeace protest against Russian oil drilling in the Arctic.

Authorities say Willcox was granted bail Wednesday, two months after he was arrested by Russian officials.

Greenpeace says it posted bail for 15 of the 30 people arrested. Authorities say a United Nations Court in Germany will decide Friday whether Russia has jurisdiction over the case.

Martin Van Breems and Eileen Preston, friends of Willcox's, say the protest in dispute was peaceful, and they're shocked that he is still detained in Russia. They call the international spotlight a good thing because it keeps the focus on what Russia will do next with the Arctic 30. Van Breems and Preston say offshore drilling in the Arctic is unsafe and impractical, and they support what Willcox was doing there.